SMD - YAWEI is a manufacturer of a complete range of metal sheet machinery. This includes CNC bending brakes, bench shear, blanking dies and coil winding systems.

SMD - YAWEI is the largest Chinese manufacturer of metal sheet machines with branches and support teams in many European countries. Production area of hall area is equal to approx. 250,000m2 currently employing 1,300 people, is used for manufacturing cutting-edge stock of CNC machine tools that meets 5S Japanese standards for machine production, while maintaining unmatched value for money.    Thanks to the combination of the European know-how and Asian manufacturing qualities, the company is able to deliver high-quality products at attractive prices.  Both for High End sector, as well as Low Cost Lines.

H+S has served for 10 years as an exclusive supplier and service partner for new SMD – YAWEI in Germany and Poland.

More than 300 machines installed in Germany and Poland proves that both “small” bending brakes, as well as ones of tandem "2 x 13m per 2500 t" type provide precise and reliable operation.


PBH series bending brake – highly precise with excellent standard equipment

PBB series bending brake – advantageous in terms of price, precise edge shaping 

PBB BIG series bending brake – BIG – large, heavy, precise

CNC Bending brake of PBE type – with electrical drive and extreme speed

LGS metal sheet shear

Coil lines

Punching machines HPE